Welcome to a new experience in professional services, built on the principle that combining the deep expertise of a re-structuring and an innovation expert we are able to guide our clients to achieving stronger business growth.


About us

Our clients have described their experience of us as “human centric, they get the job done, flexible, reflect their Christian values, VERY unconventional, innovative, entrepreneurial, down to earth,”

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The team

John Grohovaz - Director

John is a Global Chartered Management Accountant. John has over 20 years of experience working across a number of industries including advanced manufacturing, financial services, advertising, technology, built environment and professional services.

John’s passion is developing and activating innovation in business and has provided support to many businesses in Western Australia both in his role as a Global Investment and Innovation Incentives partner at Deloitte as well as in his personal capacity.

Recognising the natural synergies of the work Melanie does for businesses and the exponential impact innovation services provide to business John has joined Melanie to expand the practice she started in 2014.

Jogn Grohovaz


Melanie Grohovaz - Director

Melanie is a chartered accountant and registered liquidator. Having spent more than 22 years working for the large accounting firms in audit, restructuring and credit risk management consulting. Melanie was drawn to starting a business where she could make more of an impact. With this in mind she started EMJ Consulting Pty Ltd in early 2014.

Melanie started her working career at PwC in business assurance and in 1998 she moved to London where she spent almost 4 years specialising in credit risk management. Melanie relocated to Australia in 2001 and spent the next 11 years specialising in corporate restructuring and turnaround.

Melanie has superb interpersonal skills and her experience in assignments across Africa, Asia, UK and Australia provide her with a deep understanding of working within an environment of cultural differences.

Corporate restructuring has provided Melanie with a deep understanding of why businesses fail, the warning signs and the critical factors for a successful turnaround.

Melanie brings to the business her passion for business turnaround and helping business to avoid insolvency, grow to their greatest potential and take advantage of all opportunities along the way.

Melanie Grohovaz



Entrepreneurial development programs with a focus on globalisation, leadership and strategy.

Sourcing alternative funding to fund commercialisation of new products.

Implement innovation processes to enable businesses to access government funding support and commercialisation of intellectual property assets.

Simplification of corporate structure and solvent liquidations.

Independent business reviews which may involve:
  • Review of the viability of businesses by reference to the business structure and model, forecasts, management etc
  • Financial Analysis and financial model preparation including the preparation, review and sensitivity analyses of 3-way forecasts
  • Review of business strategies by applying various business viability models and a review of the implementation plan to ensure that key performance indicators are realistic and that the appropriate responsibility is assigned to each action plan

Preparation of experts reports in relation to litigation matters.

Assist in negotiation of taxation debt repayment with Australian Taxation Office.

Investigations (litigation support, expert reports, fraud etc).

Monitoring of business performance on behalf of stakeholders.

Advising clients on exposure management and/or exit strategies.


Case Studies

Case Study 1
Assist and advise a medium sized construction company in relation to the proposed acquisition of a franchise for distribution of a new product as well as the setup of local manufacturing facilities. This included financial modelling, sensitivity analysis of proposed activities and review of franchise agreement. This led to a successful transaction and ongoing business operation employing 12 people in Western Australia.

Case Study 2
Assist an Indigenous technology start-up to improve their financial literacy and corporate structure. This led to a successful transaction securing government funding as well as securing a contract via a tender process with a larger oil and gas company.

Case Study 3
Restructure a RTO within the construction industry affected by the downturn in the mining sector which led to the business successfully trading on and employing 12 people in Western Australia.

Case Study 4
Advised a technology company on innovation processes which led to the company identifying and commercializing latent intellectual property and securing government funding for future technology development.

Case Study 5
Worked with a number of entrepreneurs in the technology, health, and food science sector to develop their core technical skill and expand their global reach leading to a successful IPO in the USA, securing a national distribution agreement and a significant supply agreement with a major infrastructure owner.



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Global Pathways Program 2018

The Global Pathways Program is a tailored business support program for Australian entrepreneurs and businesses looking to make connections in overseas markets.

Global Pathways Program will support National Energy and Resources Australia (NERA) prepare delegates for participation at the Gastech exhibition and conference in Spain in September 2018.


Global Pathways Program Gastech 2018


Gastech Exhibition and Conference


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